Discerned – Allegiance Series #4

by Sarah Addison-Fox

reviewed by bookwolf4

The war may be over, but the battle for peace has just begun.

When newlyweds Mick and Celeste Haynes accept the offer to search for rogue agents inside Kyraenea, what should have been one final adventure becomes Torrance Kyle’s worst nightmare.

Amaya Mason may no longer be an agent, but there is no way she’ll allow a mistake from Torrance’s past to wreck their happy ending. No matter the cost. No matter what she might lose.

For Mick Haynes, marriage isn’t the simple solution he thought it would be. Torn between wanting to shelter the woman he loves and accepting she is no longer a frightened slave, he’s struggling with his own expectations, and with every secret she reveals.

Celeste’s confidence and her faith are growing, but when she confronts the father who abandoned her as a child, he threatens to destroy the happiness and acceptance she’s only just found.

Can Torrance let go of the past and embrace his future?

Is peace even possible for those who’ve spent their lives in constant battle?


I’ve had this review written, ready to go for weeks now, but somehow I missed posting it on the release date! I’m so sorry! Better late than never, right?

So, after my late realisation that there was going to be a fourth book in the Allegiance series, I was excited but a bit unsure of how Discerned could possibly live up to the expectations that Dissociate set. While I must admit that Dissociate is still my favourite, it was a close call! Discerned is… there aren’t even words to describe how I am feeling right now. I mean, can we just talk about that ending for a second??? (WHERE IS BOOK FIVE? I NEED A BOOK FIVE TO EXIST!)

Let’s start with what I liked…

What I Liked

Torrance finally screws his head back on straight, and while I loved reading about his internal struggle in Dissociate, I am glad that he’s finally starting to work things out.

Celeste is incredible – it’s amazing seeing how much she has grown over the series.

What I Didn’t Like

really struggled with Mick in this book. He was so controlling of Celeste. I get that he was trying to protect her, but… She’s been through so much and come so far and he almost ruined it. 😦


There were a few awkwardly phrased sections, eg Loc 2765 “Celeste told me what you and Mick did for that little girl. And what you did for her.” I actually read this three times before it clicked that ‘And what you did for her.’ was about Celeste.



I received this book free from the author for promotional purposes. All opinions expressed are purely my own.




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