The Ringmaster’s Wife

Since I can’t seem to form a coherent review, I am going to list of all the things I didn’t like.

1. It is getting a bit cliche with the whole “I’m an heiress but I don’t want an arranged marriage and oh I’m such a special snowflake because I am the only one rebelling against my cruel heartless parents who are trying to find a rich husband so I will always be provided for in the best way they know how.” (Not that I’m saying arranged marriages are okay, just that we should cut the parents some slack now and then.)
2. The romance was so over the top sappy, with WAY too much flowery language, e.g. “Her pulse beat faster with the shock of feeling his palms cup her jaw. Then feeling his thumb tenderly wiping a tear that had escaped to dampen the edge of her lashes. It brushed against the soft skin under her eye, lingering there against the apple of her cheek.” And, “We only see what we want to see, and I want to spend the rest of my life looking at you.” Gag. The one thing I DID appreciate, was that this wasn’t totally lust at first sight!!!! Yay!!! (The most annoying part was where Colin thinks the perfect time to tell Rose he loves her is in the middle of a tornado. Like dude, go help!!)
3. God is hardly mentioned, and rarely, if ever, do I recall the characters talking about their faith or praying. And then, on page 299, Mable starts randomly talking about the faith that her, John, Colin and Rose share. I’m sorry, but I honestly didn’t see evidence of that faith AT ALL. Rose finds the courage to face her fears and perform, not by asking God to give her courage or anything like that, but by remembering the way Colin kissed her. So…yeah.
4. Rose going blind at the end was a good twist, but I have NO IDEA how she could have done a bareback riding routine like that… You sort of need to be able to see the horse to know where to land – hard enough when the horse is standing still, let alone cantering! (Trust me, I’ve tried it!) Also there were a few annoying horsey errors, such as the word bit being used where bridle would have been more appropriate (although the this could be the difference between countries).
5. At the end Rose leaves because she believes that Colin can’t love her now that she is blind. Honey, if he doesn’t love you now that you’re blind, then maybe he never truly loved you!

So maybe that sounds like I hated the book, but I really didn’t. I just find unrealistic romances really frustrating. The Ringmaster’s Wife is a nice enough story about the circus – recommended to fans of romance.



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