Dissociate – Allegiance Series #3

by Sarah Addison-Fox

reviewed by bookwolf4

Freedom begins with finding the truth.

Amidst the turmoil caused by Smyth’s arrest, Celeste is stuck in limbo, stripped of her citizenship, with no choice but to flee to a peaceful Kyraenean hideaway with the tumultuous Amaya Mason.

When bounty hunters threaten the local orphanage, Celeste and Amaya must work together and fight. Even if it means risking what they cherish the most.

His plans in tatters, his career in jeopardy, Mick Haynes is forced to leave Kyraenea with the enigmatic Torrance Kyle, the agent he still can’t trust.

Torrance is good at lying, and even better at hiding his pain, but is he strong enough to deal with the consequences of betraying his own father?

Can Celeste accept the truth, accept her place in the Haynes family or will lies chain her to the past and destroy her chance at a new life?


For some reason I thought this was the last book in the series. It’s not. I really need book 4 now!! But for now. Dissociate. Wow. I can’t find the exact words to describe it. Dissociate is by far the best book in the series. (Yes, Discerned, you have a lot to live up to.) The characters struggles are so real, and portrayed so beautifully. And for some reason, I just really connected with this third book more than the other two.

Dissociate handles multiple different issues with grace. Celeste had no control over her life when she was a slave, and she is afraid that marrying Mick will once again take any amount of control she has away. Another large part of this story is about Torrance. We get to see a lot of his childhood and how his father abused him, physically and psychologically. It is emotional and humbling seeing the strength required as Torrance struggles with who history dictates he should be and who he can become with the encouragement of those who believe in him.

What I Liked


The romance is really non-physical. The characters are first and foremost concerned with the other person’s character.

In this book there is so much more of Torrance and Amaya. They are officially my most favourite characters EVER.

Torrance apologising to Mick was, seriously, the best part in the whole book. Now you have to read it and find out what I’m talking about. Along the same lines, Rachel was hilarious.

What I Didn’t Like


This book has a lot more spiritual content than the other two, mainly because the main characters begin to search for themselves. A real turning point for Celeste is when a gun misfires, saving Mick’s life. Celeste asks the question, was it a coincidence? I can’t wait to see more of their journeys, Torrance in particular.

We get to see Amaya’s soft side – can you call it soft? I’m calling it soft – in this book. Her gruffness is mainly a front for her fear, I think.


“Don’t even think about running because I will never stop chasing you.” – Mick

Smyth had taught them well enough. Taught them that every man had his breaking point and that their job was to apply pressure until the cracks began to show.

“Thinking you’re not worth it – that’s a lie – just because you’ve been told something you whole life doesn’t make it true.” – Amaya

“Think of everything Etra has done for you. Think of the times He’s shown you He is real. Concentrate on that. Trust, Celeste, trust that Etra loves you and counts your prayers worthy,” – Emerson

Even as sleep pulled him under, he issued the words he’d promised to speak each night from the time they’d married. “Night, sweetheart.” – Torrance

“I don’t want your money. I want you.” – Amaya

“Where did Mick learn to dance?” Ethan gave her a broader smile. “Not from me, that’s for certain. Maggie and Grace Jenkins insisted he learn. You’ll find Asher quite the mover too.” Celeste laughed. “So, they danced with their mothers?” Ethan waggled his eyebrows. “And each other, when they were younger.” Celeste laughed at the mental image.


I received this book free from the author for promotional purposes. No reviews, positive or otherwise, were required. All opinions expressed are purely my own.







Content Rating


Sexual Content – Mild

Celeste and Mick kiss a bunch of times.

Amaya and Torrance kiss a few times.

*spoiler* Also, Celeste and Mick get married towards the end of the book, so there are some wedding night jitters, non-detailed. *end spoiler*

Violence & Gore – Mild/Moderate

Someone is killed by a knife to the chest, someone is shot.

“You want me to knock you out again, old man?”

Mentions of a child who was abused, including being whipped and poked with a burning hot fire prod.

A few brief fights with bounty hunters.

A man commits suicide by hanging himself with his bootlaces.

Men beat another man up under orders from Torrance. The man is then killed by Torrance for hurting Amaya.

Mentions of Torrance shooting two men.

Profanity & Insults – Very Mild/Mild

Blooming x1

Knackered x1

Damn x2

Hell x3

Bloody x3

Stupid x4 (mostly just calling someone’s actions idiotic, not the person themselves.)

Idiot x5 (again, mostly referencing someone’s actions.)

Amaya calls Torrance a big drip

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking – Mild

Torrance drinks half a bottle of whiskey in one go as a coping mechanism. He is then totally wasted. This is not condoned.

Frightening & Intense Scenes – Moderate

Amaya is kicked in the stomach, and she thinks she lost her baby.

Deals with a form of PTSD, so there are some intense scenes where Torrance just snaps and has to be physically restrained, including getting put in jail. May be triggering for abuse victims.

Spiritual Content – Moderate

In Kaerennea, God is called Etra. They pray to him and read his book, The Words of Etra.


One thought on “Dissociate

  1. Sarah Addison-Fox says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a concise and helpful review. Chuffed to bits you enjoyed so much. The quotes you shared are some of my favourites so that was wonderful to see. Thank you again!


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