Atheism On Trial

Atheism On Trial

Louis Markos

reviewed by bookwolf2

Answers You Need for the Tough Questions About Your Faith

Atheists are launching a new wave of attacks against Christianity and faith in God. It’s hard to know how to handle their claims that they have a more enlightened, scientific, and sophisticated worldview. How can you respond with precision to arguments against your faith?

With instructive clarity, Dr. Louis Markos confronts the modern-day atheists’ claims that new evidence disproves the existence of God. In fact, you will find that the “proof” they peddle is not new at all. Rather, they recycle claims that have already been disproven by Christian thinkers of the past…claims that you can silence today with the same solid logic.

Equip yourself to defend your beliefs from a deep well of knowledge and conviction. Stand in confidence that the trial of public opinion versus universal truth has already been held—and God is the victor.


“For all his so-called scientific objectivity, Einstein did not want the universe to have a beginning, did not want it to be contigent upon a power or force or reality outside of itself.” (Kindle Location 654)

Wow! Louis is not only amazing in his depth and breadth of reading, but the ability he has to apply this knowledge and articulate logical and relatable argument for his thesis is fantastic.

Louis outlines the centuries old argument of order and design versus chaos and chance. Divided into four key areas – the nature of the Universe; the Nature of Knowledge; the Nature of God and the Nature of Man – Louis provides the facts enabling the reader to challenge common culture and thinking and their own personal beliefs. In the end we all have to choose – belief in order and design and its subsequent moral accountability or the alternate view of self-sufficiency and deny the facts that align with this theory – a disordered and chaotic world.

Highlighted is the concept that disbelief in an argument, regardless of its antiquity, does not disprove the argument.

We are self-protective and will choose to not believe something that we do not want to agree with, which may confront or convict us in some way, even when the proof is presented to us.

I only wish I had the time and the capacity to completely absorb and retain the wisdom he has to disclose. Not only does Louis provide current application, he explores the historical accounts, quoting from Greek and Roman myths and great scientists and philosophers from many eras that span more than 2000 years. In this way he challenges and dispels what is commonly viewed as new and reveals its true historical origin.


Content Rating

12+ Academically Challenging Read

Sex & Nudity

Mild – Castration and one other sexually specific term mention, not described, in context of discussing the practices of mythical gods.

Violence & Gore

Very mild – brief mention of human skulls.



Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking


Frightening & Intense Scenes


Faith Content

Strong – The whole book argues for creation against atheism.



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