In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and books. Genesis 1:1 (Paraphrased)

Don’t you hate when you pick up a new book and begin reading, only to have your expectations crushed beneath a pile of violence, swearing, and sexual innuendo?

Don’t you hate when you can’t decide whether or not to read a book, and no one can help you decide based on the content of the book?

At Book Wolf, our goal is to provide you with informative, relatively non-biased reviews that align with what the bible says about keeping your thoughts and intentions pure. This includes what you read (and watch – see Movie Wolf).

But at Book Wolf, what makes us unique is that we are made up of a team of two adults and two teenagers, with a mix of male and female members to add diversity to our opinions.

We will be posting a new book review weekly, and once every two months we will all read the same book and the four of us will provide you with our thoughts so you can make a well-rounded decision, based on each of our viewpoints.

Book Wolf is not just for novels. We also read non-fiction – Christian living, biographies (some Christian, some not).  Full reviews will be posted for recommended reads only, with updates on books that are rated DNF (did not finish) or NS (not suitable) with a brief outline of why we did not finish them or why they are labelled as unsuitable books to be included on the site.

Take a look around and enjoy!

Book Wolf